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Our manifesto influences all that we do


Luxury redefined

Providing world-class service to those who are used to nothing but the best is not a skill that comes without effort and intent. Rather it is one that needs to be fine-tuned over the years as customers are served – and listened to – and processes and attitudes are refined.

Truly great service is almost unnoticeable – it seems effortless and yet it makes life so much more enjoyable.

It caters to needs without being obsequious and anticipates wants without being pushy. It can elevate a potentially everyday experience to something that becomes a must- do.

Hand in hand with service is the environment in which it takes place, and that built environment must be the embodiment of the service offered – sophisticated, modern, welcoming, calming, relaxing, efficient and discreet. This architecturally designed space must give discerning guests immediate clues as to what they can expect from their time here – no matter how long that is. Each object in the space must be the best of its kind and add value to the service and experience on offer.

A passion for providing leading-edge services at a world-class standard


Every member of the The Salon team, no matter what their role, is a trained and qualified professional. They are passionate about their craft and are continually observing trends and techniques to add to their repertoire. They are committed to providing every guest with a high level of personal service. A number of our staff are internationally trained and have learned their particular speciality from a master. There is an ongoing commitment to professional development that gives The Salon the opportunity to offer exclusive services.

The experience starts with the arrival at reception, where the The Salon concierge greets them and accompanies them to their treatment area before offering them a drink from the menu. Their hair or beauty stylist discusses the treatment with them and their experience unfolds seamlessly. The Salon staff are experienced in working with VIP guests and are well versed in responding to their requests and are also cognisant of the fact that while some guests come to spend time relaxing, others have a more pressing deadline. Each guest is served in the manner that suits them best.

A philosophy of yes not no, means that every interaction with a The Salon team member is an opportunity to exceed a customer’s expectation.


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