Beyond the luxurious seats and fine wines of a first-class airline cabin, one of its true luxuries is its privacy – it gives customers the opportunity to cocoon themselves from the world and enjoy comfort without the need to accommodate other people. Within that space, they are treated to world-class service with bespoke options and personal attention. At The Salon, our commitment to VIP Guests is the same – we are passionate about delivering them the level of luxury they require, whether that’s a private treatment in one of our discreet suites, or a glass of Champagne before a scalp massage on a lay-flat bed. We are ready to offer bespoke solutions to VIP Guests we have come to know over the years and new VIP Guests we are still to meet. Our aim is to ensure that their experience at The Salon enhances their experience at The Star.

Private suites where guests and couples can enjoy the full array of hair, barbering and beauty services

One definition of true luxury is privacy – not having to interact with anyone beyond those who are providing a requested service. The private suites in The Salon are designed to accommodate VIP guests who would prefer to be away from the open salon environment. The full range of services (hair, beauty and makeup) can be offered in these suites which cocoon the client in relaxation. Music selection and room temperature are adjustable to the client’s preferences and the experience is one of bespoke luxury.