Brushworx Virtuoso Paddle Brush Mixed Bristle

A Virtuoso of the hairstyling world. With beautiful rose gold finish, the Brushworx Virtuoso range enhances smoothness, silkiness and shine.

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BRUSHWORX PADDLE BRUSH MIXED BRISTLE RETAILHOW TO USE : Brushworx Virtuoso Mixed Bristle Paddle Brush is the perfect companion for smoothing, detangling or straightening. Mixed boar and nylon bristles help to detangle gently while conditioning hair by distributing the scalp’s own oils. Lightweight, comfortable handle.





BRUSHWORX PADDLE BRUSH MIXED BRISTLEFEATURES : Beautiful rose gold finish. Mixed boar and nylon bristles.
Great for detangling. Large cushion base for superior straightening.
Nylon bristles for effortless detangling. Boar bristles help to condition hair by distributing the scalp’s own oils. Ideal for straightening, smoothing and detangling on all hair types. Lightweight, comfortable handle.