Salvador Dali Dalilight EDT 100ml

Dalilight by Salvador Dali is a Floral Fruity fragrance for women. Dalilight was launched in 2011. Dalilight was created by Michel Almairac and Sidonie Lancesseur. Top notes are Amalfi Lemon, Red Apple and Mandarin Orange; middle notes are Water Lily, Peach and Jasmine; base notes are Musk, Virginia Cedar and Amber.


The bottle perfectly illustrates the softness and freshness of this new fragrance. Its color – transparent frosted blue – awakens a sensation of exquisite shivers.

The sculpture-like bottle created for “Dalissime,” modeled after the famous Salvador Dali painting entitled “Christmas,” was chosen to contain this delicate fragrance.

This painting, through a stereoscopic effect produced by superimposing one side upon the other around a central column, depicts a woman’s face whose nose and mouth – emblematic themes in Salvador Dali’s art – form the bottle. The column’s capital forms the cap. Transparent and frosted effects impart freshness to the glass that is further enhanced by its overall pale blue hue.

The center of DALILIGHT’s elegant and contemporary glossy silver box features the column representing the Dalinian nose and mouth. Like the bottle, the box’s icy-blue tone, blended with metallic white, evokes the same sensations of freshness and purity.

DALILIGHT is a unique bottle in the world of fragrances that will delight all fans of Salvador Dali fragrances!

Olfactory family: Fruity floral

Perfumers: Michel Almairac, Sidonie Lancesseur (Robertet)

DALILIGHT is an exquisite fragrance, full of emotion and tenderness, yet not lacking in sharpness. A concentration of graceful femininity for a pleasurable, delicate perfume experience.

The top notes offer a cocktail of fruity, sparkling freshness, with lemon, mandarin orange and apple.

For the middle notes, a combination of pure, weightless transparency and modernity is provided by white flowers – water lily and fresh jasmine – which are enhanced by the smoothness of white peach.

Soft, elegant and subtly sensual femininity is found in the base notes, which feature cedar, soft amber and white musk.