Silver Bullet XOXO Auto Hair Curler

Love long-lasting, voluminous and bouncy curls with minimal effort? Let Silver Bullet XOXO Auto Curler do the curling work for you. Simply push a button and the internal ceramic barrel gently twirls a section of hair and holds for 8 seconds. The result: incredibly consistent, even curls with no skill required. Instant curl satisfaction!

Silver Bullet XOXO Auto Curler ingeniously curls in both directions. With heat settings from 150°C-210°C, it’s suitable for every hair type. Amazingly easy to use and control, Silver Bullet XOXO Auto Curler also features dual voltage for worldwide use.

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Silver-Bullet-XOXO-Auto-Hair-CurlerHOW TO USE : Shampoo hair. Dry hair with hair dryer using a comb or brush. Place the Curler plug into a power point. Turn Curler on by pressing on/off control for approx. one second. The Curler will heat up to default temperature of 150◦C which is suitable for fine hair. For normal hair press the on/off control once again. Temperature will increase to 180◦C. For Coarse and thick hair press the on/off control again. Temperature will increase to 210◦C. Select hair to be curled. Ensure the selected hair does not exceed 5cm in width to ensure all the selected hair is in contact with the internal roller. Press the left or right Curler direction button. These are the buttons with arrows pointing in the direction of the intended curl. Hair remains in the Curler for about 8 seconds after which an alert beep will be heard which indicates the curl has been established. The selected hair should then be removed from the Curler. Thick and coarse hair may remain in the Curler for a few more seconds. After you have completed curling your hair run your hands through the hair to create volume. Press the on/off control for approx. one second to turn the Curler off.

Silver-Bullet-XOXO-Auto-Hair-CurlerFEATURES : Automatic curler for fast, effortless curls and waves. Simply press a button for consistent, even curls and waves. No skill or effort required. Curls in both directions. Heats from 150°C to 210°C. Great for all hair types. Incredibly easy to control and use. LED display. Dual voltage for worldwide usage. 2 year warranty.